Minibooster Hc4

HC4 versions: 9 different intensification factors

PIN: 20 – 200 bar (inlet pressure)

PH: 800 bar maximum (outlet pressure)

PRETURN: As low as possible (Return pressure to tank)

Intensification ratios: PH = (PIN – PReturn) i (Intensification)

Mounting: Inline tube

Accessories: Pilot operated dump valve available

A model = no dump valve
B model = with dump valve
G model = direct proportionally controlled


The HC4 is ideal for use in applications where a higher volume of high pressure fluid is required. The HC4 is a compact unit weighing only 3.7 kg, but it delivers up to 5.0 liters/min. outlet flow. Like the HC2, it raises supplied pressure and automatically compensates for consumption of oil to maintain the high pressure. Adjustment of the outlet pressure is carried out by varying the supplied pressure.

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