Nachi power unit

Nachi NSPi Series (Energy Saving)

Nachi Power Unit NSPi Series (Energy Saving)
Nachi NSP Promo
  • Added Inverter Driver to Compact Body. Even More Environmentally Friendly and Quiet.
  • Just by changing conventional hydraulic units to NSPi series inverter-driven hydraulic units, Power Consumption Reduced by Approximately 64%
  • Reduce increase in hydraulic fluid temperature, 1.5° increase in ambient temperature.
  • Easy Operation and Reliable Performance. Immediate start just by turning on the power.
  • Low Noise of 53db.

Nachi NSP Series

Nachi Power Supply NSP Series
  • High-efficiency hydraulic unit provides significant savings for machine tools
  • Energy-saving unit requires no inverter Saves energy in all running modes.
  • Low heating and low pulsation for high-accuracy machines.
  • Highly reliable simple structure for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Approximately 40% less energy consumption than standard unit.
  • Download pdf brochure
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