Nachi vane pump

Nachi VDS Series

Nachi Vane Pump VDS Series
  • High efficiency operation with minimal power loss
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact and simple design, easy operation
  • Precise characteristics, prompt response
  • Solidly built for high efficiency and long life

Nachi VDR 22D Series

Nachi Vane Pump VDR 22D Series
  • Stable, highly efficient operation up to 14MPa
  • High-precision instantaneous response
  • Silent operation, even in the high pressure range
  • Reduced power loss
  • Solid construction stands up to harsh operating conditions

Nachi VDR 13D Series

Nachi Vane Pump VDR 13D Series
  • Energy efficient, economical operation
  • Built-in high precision temperature compensation mechanism
  • The ring is displaced by a spring, and a rise in pressure automatically moves it to the center to make the discharge rate zero
  • Relief valve and unloading valve can be eliminated from the circuit
  • It was possible to reduce the size of the unit because there was no increase of proportional input to pressure which prevented increases in the temperature of the fluid

Nachi vdc series

Nachi Vane Pump VDC Series
  • Highly efficient and stable high-pressure operation
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Outstanding response, high-precision operation
  • Precise characteristics for a stable discharge rate
  • High efficiency operation with minimal power loss
  • Simplified maintenance and handling

uni pump

Nachi UVN Series

Nachi Uni Pump UVN Series
  • Enhanced hydraulic pump and electromotor efficiency for decreased electric consumption (Electric motor IE3 premium efficiency compatible)
    <Electricity reduced approximately 20% compared with our conventional product>
  • Compact size for space-saving unit design
  • Original connection method between pump and electromotor shaft for low noise and long life
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