Pressure compensated flow control valves are used to limit or regulate flow.

Three basic types of cartridges are available; restrictive-type, priority-type, and divider/combiner type.

Combination valves in manifolds for additional features such as fully adjustable flow or free reverse flow are also available.

Restrictive-type pressure compensated flow control valves are two-ported valves that maintain a constant flow rate from 1 to 2 regardless of load pressure changes in the circuit downstream of 2.  The control orifice in the spool is factory set to the flow specification. The valve begins to respond to load changes when flow through the valve creates a pressure differential across the control orifice of approximately 7 bar [100 psi], and accurately maintains flow within +/- 10% across the range of 35‑207 bar [500‑3000 psi]. Reverse flow from 2 to 1 returns through the control orifice and is non-compensated.

Restrictive-type flow control valves can be used in meter-in or meter-out applications to control actuator speeds.