Hydrocontrol – Directional Valves · Monoblock valves · Sectional valves · Valves for special applications · Pressure pre-compensated Load-Sensing and Flow Sharing valves. Available at PT Pandu Hydro Pneumatics, Your trusted hydraulic partner in Indonesia. Custom solutions, industry-leading expertise. 


Hydrocontrol Monoblock Valve M45

Hydrocontrol M45

Monoblock Valves

Hydrocontrol Sectional Valve D4

Hydrocontrol D4

Sectional Valve

Hydrocontrol D16

Hydrocontrol D16

Sectional Valve

Hydrocontrol Sectional Valve D20

Hydrocontrol D20

Sectional Valve

Sectional Valve D25

Hydrocontrol D25

Sectional Valve

Hydrocontrol Hydraulic Remote control

Hydrocontrol HC RCM

Hydraulic Remote Control

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