Kosmek has been a global leader in clamping technology for over 30 years. available now through PT Pandu Hydro Pneumatics in Indonesia. From their meticulous Japanese engineering and innovation, Kosmek delivers clamping solutions that empower companies to achieve operational excellence.


Kosmek Block Cylinder

Block Cylinder

Kosmek QB Clamp

QB Clamp

Kosmek Control Valve

Control Valve

Kosmek Single Action Pull Cylinder

Single Action Pull Cylinder

Kosmek Air Valve Unit

Air Valve Unit

Kosmek Power Pneumatic Link Clamp

Power Pneumatic Link Clamp

Kosmek Swing Clamp

Swing Clamp

Link Clamp

Link Clamp

Kosmek Universal Clamp

Universal Clamp

Speed Control Valve

Speed Control Valve

Double Action Link Clamp

Double Action Link Clamp

Double Action Link Clamp

Single Action Link Clamp