Nachi Direction Control Valve

Nachi Right Angle Check Valve In-line Check Valve

  • The right angle type check valve changes the flow direction of fluid 90 degrees, while the in-line check valve allows only axial direction flow.
  • The cracking pressures of these valves are fixed, so fluid passes freely in one direction, but is restricted from flowing in the opposite direction.

Nachi Pilot Check Valves

  • Normally, fluid is allowed to flow in a single direction, just as with a standard check valve. Reverse flow can be enabled, however, when the check valve is pushed upwards by external pilot pressure
  • Very compact configuration.

Nachi Gauge Cock

  • Ultra-compact configuration requires minimal installation space.
  • Intelligent design packs plenty of function into a simple configuration.
  • Maximum operating pressure of 35MPa{357kgf/cm²} allows operation across a wide range.

Nachi DMA Type Manual Valve

  • The compact 01 and 03 sizes are perfect for small flow rate control.
  • Since a balanced type valve is used, there is no need for drain piping, and use with back pressures up to 16MPa (163kgf/cm²) is possible.
  • Mounting methods are the same as SAG01/03, and the 01, 03 size modular valve can be used, so circuit configuration is quick and easy.

Nachi Flange Type Check Valve/Throttle Valve Pilot Operated Check Valve

  • This series provides high capacity and flange connection, as well as compliance with new standards and Japan Oil Hydraulic Standards (JOHS).
  • Measurable higher pressure and higher capacity than previous models.