Oleoweb - VBCL Single Counterbalance Valve

Overcenter valve simple effect not compensated for In-Line installation.

Oleoweb Single Counterbalance


  • Available Types : VBCL140, VBCL380, VBCL120, VBCL340
  • Size : BSPP 1/4 , 3/8, 1/2, 3/4
  • Flow : 30 – 120 L/min
  • Max. Pressure : 350 bar


With the Oleoweb VBCL counterbalance valves it is possible to support a suspended load and control its movement by eliminating vibrations or too fast and dangerous lowering. Equipped with a valve body with BSPP-GAS threaded ports, the VBCL overcenter valves are designed to be installed in-line within the hydraulic system in compliance with the spaces available on the machine.