Sunfab - SCM 012-130 DIN

SCM 012-130 DIN is a series of axial piston motors
particularly suitable for mobile hydraulics. 

Sunfab SCM 012-130 DIN


  • Displacement [12.6 – 130.0 cm3/rev]
  • Max. working pressure [35 MPa]
  • Max. continous revolution [2400 rpm]


SCM 012-130 DIN is of the bent-axis type with spherical pistons. The design gives a compact motor with few moving parts, high starting torque and high operational reliability. It covers the entire displacement range 12-130 cmᶟ/rev. with max. pressure 400 bar.

It´s high level of reliability is due to the choice of materials,
hardening methods, surface structures and the quality
assured manufacturing process.