Osaka Jack - Journal Jack

JJ Journal Jack

 Journal Jack is screw jack, whole body is strong and good durability.

  • For jack-up, jack-down ( lifting up and down for heavy load )
  • For positioning or adjusting of heavy load, & for bridge works
  • For shipbuilding works or repair & For construction or building works
  • For support of heavy load

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AJ Aluminum Jack

Osaka Jack Journal Jack AJ Aluminum Jack

Light weight of aluminum jack due to aluminum body
Aluminum jacks enjoy pad bearings instead of normal bearing although strength of the aluminum material is week.
Treat jack with care and avoid rough handling during use.

Centering machinery works, Movement for precision machinery
Works for construction, Minor movement for heavy machinery

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NJ Journal Jack with Toe

Osaka Jack Journal Jack NJ Journal Jack with Toe

When lifting up and down, Journal Jack with toe is used by inserting toe at lower place.
Jack detached toe can be used as the same as Journal Jack.

Setting for machinery Positioning of machine tool
Minor adjustment of heavy structure

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PL Mechanical Pulling Jack

This jack is for only pulling with screw type.

Available for pulling heavy loads.

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CJ Cable Jack

Osaka Jack Journal Jack CJ Cable Jack

Exclusively use for reeling in and out electric cable from cable drums.

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