Osaka Jack - Worm Gear Jack

This Worm Gear Jack from Osaka Jack is mainly used for pushing up load. Pulling force is 1/2 of pushing force.

Osaka Jack Worm Gear


  • Rated pushing force : 10 – 1000 kN
  • Endurance pushing force : 15 – 1500 kN
  • Rated pulling force : 10 – 500 kN
  • Starting torque : 3 – 2100 Nm


WJ01 and WJ02 is the same as both pushing and pulling force.


  • Applicable for operation linked more than 2 jacks and over, even if different loads, applicable for synchronized drive.
  • Drive source can select based on manual, electric , air motor etc.
  • The best way for movement or lifting of heavy loads.
  • Available for level adjustment or minor movement of precision machinery.
  • Due to self holding with screw, load can hold securely.
  • Big pushing & pulling force generates from small torque. And, rotation and up and down of movements are smooth with precised worm gear.
  • Application for the worm gear jacks cover large ranges from heavy machinery for steel rolling mill to precision machinery for paper plant.
  • Screw with key to prevent turning.