Yuken - Proportional Valve

As an authorized distributor of Yuken products in Indonesia, PT Pandu Hydro Pneumatics offers a range of Yuken Proportional Valves, available in diverse types bellow :

Yuken EBG Proportional Valve


  • Max.  pressure : 25 MPa
  • Flow : 100-400 L/min *depending on model numbers


Yuken EBG – Proportional Relief Valve

This valve is combined with a proportional electro-hydraulic pilot relief valve and a specially developed low-noise relief valve. Owing to special vent restrictor, this valve can make pressure control more precise and stable.

Yuken EDG proportional valve


  • Max. Operating Pressure : 25 MPa
  • Max. Flow : 2 L/min


Yuken EDG – Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Pilot Relief Valve

This valve consists of a small DC solenoid and a direct-acting relief valve. It serves as a pilot valve for a low flow rate hydraulic system or a proportional electro-hydraulic control valve and controls the pressure in proportion to the input-current. Note that this valve is used in conjuction with the applicable power amplifier.



  • Available model numbers : EFBG – 03/06/10
  • Max.  pressure : 25 MPa
  • Flow : 60 – 700 L/min (depending on model number)


EFBG – Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Control

Power Saving Valve

This relief and flow control valve is an energy saving that supplies the minimum pressure and flow necessary for actuator drive.

Yuken AMN


  • Type of function :  DC Input type
  • Max. Output : 1 A (10 Ω Solenoid)
  • Power Supply : 24 V DC (20 – 30 V DC)
  • Max. Input Power : 25 W




Yuken AMN- Compact Power Amplifiers For 10Ω Series Control Valves

Compact power amplifiers for 10 proportional solenoids. The power supply is 24 V DC. It uses a new circuitry to be slow to heat.